Carlos Boozer in 76ers’ Future?


According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Chicago Bulls will look to trade Carlos Boozer this off season. Chicago Bulls’ chairman, Jerry Reinsdorf, is strongly considering moving Boozer and his hefty contract mainly due to the NBA’s luxury tax. Another reason why Chicago may look to move Carlos Boozer this off season is because of Carmelo Anthony. The soon to be free agent has been tied to Chicago for quite some time now. It was even reported that Joakim Noah has contacted Melo about potentially joining the Bulls.

In order for the team to muster up the money to pay Carmelo Anthony, they will have to shed a bit of money off the current payroll. So if you are the Bulls, would you try to throw Boozer’s $16.8 million onto another team in order to make a serious run at Carmelo Anthony? Of course you would.

Chicago, have you heard from the 76ers lately? The 76ers have plenty of cap room to absorb Boozer’s contract. How much would it take for a deal to get done? Would the 76ers be willing to absorb the final year of Boozer’s hefty contract? Well, yes, if the Bulls add a bit of sweetener to the deal. The Bulls currently hold 2 draft picks in this year’s NBA draft. If the Bulls are serious about shedding Boozer’s contract from their team’s payroll in order to make a run for Carmelo Anthony, they might have to add one of those picks into the deal. The 76ers would be taking on a big contract, but they would be getting a mid-round pick in this year’s upcoming NBA draft. Thaddeus Young would not be a part of this deal mainly because Chicago will be looking to shed as much salary as they can.

In an off season full of questions for the 76ers, one thing is for sure: Sam Hinkie has put himself and his team in a great spot for the future.

It should be a fun off season.


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